Self-Development is Not a Profanity

If you do any quick search these days on the internet, one of the topics you’ll find the most information /blogs/websites/etc about is the issue of self-development, or self-improvement. Just a guess here, but I’d say the category is far and away the most popular subject for books on Amazon. And frankly, I don’t think it’s even close.

That shouldn’t really surprise us, given the fact that people are always searching, seeking for something. Whether people are looking to fill some perceived gap in their lives, or just for the purpose of continual enrichment, everyone is looking for ways to improve their lives and the lives of their close ones. Some folks fill those holes with new hobbies and interests, some fill it with harmful addictions, and many of us just find harmless way to fill our time. Me? I tend to fill it with busy work like organizing or cleaning my house.

Granted, with the glut of information overload on the topic, it’s inevitable that there is a lot of garbage out there. There’s a million different authors out there, who have developed their own little theory of the way things are, and of course, they’ve monetized that little niche to the fullest. Not that I blame them of course, but the result of this is that there’s  a lot of info out there that’s in most cases ineffective, and in the worst case scenario, harmful to the psyche as they’re feeding the monster with misinformation. Continue reading “Self-Development is Not a Profanity”

Are you aware of your own blindness?

Sadly, most people go about their every day lives without a clue as to what the world can truly offer. If they are not already content/satisfied, then typically that’s all they’re chasing, contentment. To rest on one’s laurels is a sad thing to aim for, for one cannot seek greatness in the mundane.

And by greatness, I’m not talking about saving the world, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, or anything similarly lofty where the real intent is fame, notoriety, creating a legacy or any other self-aggrandizing motivation. I’m talking about seeking greatness in everything that exists around us. From the appreciation of grand majesty in nature, self-exploration of one’s self (and in turn in the greater human condition), etc. Continue reading “Are you aware of your own blindness?”